100 Days of Hardware Entry


Build a telepresence robot that can be launched from inside Google hangout so that remote participants can control the bot.


Beaglebone Black Microcontroller w/wifi dongle
Two DC geared motors at 60RPM
2 Plastic RC tires with hex hubs
Flat piece of PVC
5V Cell backup battery
Radio Shack Servo
PVC Pipe
Motor Controller
Old Iphone case
Iphone 5

Technology Used:

Node (with Express)
Google Hangout API


Beagle Junior:
Tim Kadom

Version 1.0 Roomba:
Tim Kadom
Kiana Tennyson


We intend to build two robots, the first is a prototype and proof of concept for the second larger robot. While the interactions are a bit complicated, the final codebase for the hangout robot is fairly small. It could be assembled fairly quickly, and the parts (outside of the iphone) cost under $100 including the $45 BeagleBone. The intent of the first robot was to test connectivity, and to see if it was possible to use the hangout API in the way we intend to.

The follow on project is based on a Roomba, which will serve as a platform for further expansion into computer vision with OpenCV, as well as voice and face recognition in the Atlanta office. Kiena has already started to break down the SCI interface for the roomba, and our first attempt at communicating with the roomba demonstrated that we can instruct it to move, as well as dock and play music. The attached video demonstrates the proof of concept robot (beagle junior) using a google hangout to connect to another person. The controls for the robot are embedded in the google hangout and no additional web connections or sites are needed to navigate the rover.

The code for this project is in my github account, and the end of the video takes a quick journey through the technology elements to provide a bit more detail surrounding the project. If you have any questions about the project, please contact either myself or Kiena. We will be working on the roomba in the next few weeks and hope to have it operational soon so people can tour the Atlanta office remotely...